The Anadigi Process

Wherever you are in your process of creative production - be it audio production, recording, or post-production - Anadigi is committed to bringing out your best sound.



Music Production

Our suite of services see you through your production from start-to-end - from instrumentation, to recording, and post-production. To bring your musical ideas to its fullest potential, partner with our collective of experienced music producers, arrangers, and audio engineers to realise your creative vision. Check out some of the artists and collaborators we’ve worked with.

Sound Design / Foley

We provide sound design services for film making, television, theatre, sound recording, live performance, sound art, post-production, radio and game development.

Voice-over and Jingles production

Have a TV commercial or radio advertisement that needs voice-over production or jingles? Our team has experience working with voice-over artists, media producers and digital advertisers to deliver high quality productions.



Studio / Live Recording

Our recording studio is acoustically treated, professionally equipped, and provides excellent recording quality for vocal and music instruments. With a spacious room that fits 15 people comfortably, our studio is suited for solo and group recordings for bands, music ensembles, a capellas, and choirs. For most of our musicians and collaborators, our studio is a laboratory for musical experimentation, creative expression, and where they hone their craft.

On-site Recording: Record where you are

If studio is not your natural habitat for recording your sound, let us come to you! With our professionally equipped mobile studio and audio engineers who love to be on the move, we can capture your best sound wherever you are. We have experience doing mobile recording in living rooms, performance venues, classrooms, and outdoor venues. If you have in mind a venue you want to transform into a mobile studio, let us know and we’ll make it happen.

[Limited time offer] Education Special for all Music Students

As part of Anadigi’s education mission, we are offering recording packages for students and teachers at reduced rates. If you are preparing for music performances, concerts, exams, and auditions and want them captured at professional quality and affordable rates, check out our Education Special, dedicated to all you music students out there!

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Mixing and Mastering

This is where much of the magic happens. Led by experienced audio engineer Raf Soundwalker, the Anadigi team helps you achieve your desired sound in the post-production process. The enhancement of recorded sounds through mixing and mastering is both an art and a science, and it’s a craft we have honed over the years. Let us help you bring your sounds from good to great.