THE MIXER: ROCK & JAZZ - a Mixing Workshop by by HaveYouHertz

A mixing workshop for Rock and Jazz music next Sunday 3-6pm, right here at Anadigi Sound Lab.

Come join us for THE MIXER with HaveYouHertz, a group of audio engineers and enthusiasts to learn about:

- Mixing Essentials (EQ, Compression, Panning, EFX)

- How to achieve good levels and balance

- Tips and tricks for working with your DAW

- Mixing Techniques for drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, vocal tracks

3 hours of solid content for mixing engineers and enthusiasts working towards a good sound for rock and jazz mixes... and it's free admission!

Limited seats at

About the Guest Instructors


Kai Wen is a producer and audio engineer known for his ability to craft unique sounds and hard-hitting mixes for clients. In recent years, has has worked with local bands Remnants, Seavision, Fader, Darah, Dante's Theory, among others. Constantly aiming to improve his craft, Kai Wen challenges himself to learn from the best mixing engineers around the world, and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in audio engineering.


An audio engineer with a proven track record in music production, recording, and post-production across Singapore, the UK, and Australia, Raf Soundwalker has engineered recording sessions and live shows for Snarky Puppy Tribute Band (Singapore), Druv Kent Live Show, Karen De Silva String Quartet, The Great Life Project, SingJazz Festival, to name a few. In recent years, he has produced for The Kevin Michael Project, local world fusion music ensemble Flame of the Forest, and more recently for the single and upcoming EP release for local singer songwriter Shak’thiya. He also taught as Lecturer of Audio Engineering in Orita Sinclair School of Design and Music.

Raf Soundwalker