Let's Record: Acoustic Guitar Recording

Join us in a free workshop at a professional recording studio to learn how to make your acoustic guitar recordings sound pro!

This workshop is open to audio engineers, recording enthusiasts, and anyone doing home recording or wishing to learn something about recording techniques. Raf Soundwalker, an experienced audio engineer and music producer in Singapore, will bring you through:

  • How the make, wood and design of acoustic guitars affect sound production;

  • Basic recording techniques and pro-tips;

  • Recording with different microphones and Direct Input (DI);

  • First-hand experience with professional recording - where you’ll get to record, mix, and take home your recorded track.

What you’ll need:

- Come with a guitar (feel free to invite a guitarist friend along if you don’t play), and a track you wish to record.

(If you wish to only observe, you’re welcome to come anyway!)

This event is free-of-charge and proudly supported by ANADIGI SOUND LAB. Contributions at the door are welcome, and will go towards supporting future workshops for the Have You Hertz community.

recording workshop.jpg
Raf Soundwalker