Our story


ANADIGI Sound Lab was founded in 2014 to provide music artistes and freelancers an opportunity to create their music in a creative environment. Today, Anadigi is not just a recording studio boasting quality sound, professional equipment and genuine service, it has also become a home away from home and an artistic space for collaboration among local artistes and musicians. We love what we do here and welcome you into this homely space.



RAFAEE ‘SOUNDWALKER’ | Principal Audio Engineer

An experienced audio engineer with a proven track record in music production, recording, and post-production across Singapore, the UK, and Australia, RAFAEE ‘SOUNDWALKER’ has engineered recording sessions and live shows for Snarky Puppy Tribute Band (Singapore), Druv Kent Live Show, Karen De Silva String Quartet, The Great Life Project, SingJazz Festival, to name a few. He has produced for The Kevin Michael Project, local world fusion music ensemble Flame of the Forest, and more recently for the single and EP release for local artist Shak. Raf co-founded Anadigi Sound Lab after graduating with Bachelor of Arts (First Class Honours) in Music Production from Middlesex University, and continues to be a big supporter of the local music scene. When he is not mixing, he is found behind the drum set, playing for local bands Shak and The Baits, The Blue Monks, Jazz Djoget, and Kitsch Yogi Bandits.

GOH SHU KAI | Audio Engineer

SHU KAI began his career in the music industry with Anadigi Sound Lab as an audio engineer after graduating from Singapore Polytechnic with a Diploma in Music and Audio Technology. Since his foray into the industry, he has worked as assistant audio engineer in the Druv Kent Live Show, and live sound engineer in popular local music venues like the Blu Jaz Café and Sing Jazz Club. He is passionate about honing his craft in audio production, and continues to deepen his practice through his current role as a professional audio engineer.